Preschool Unit

Our Preschool Unit is a MSDE Approved Education Program for 3-5 year olds. There are two classes, one for younger Preschooler's(3/4's )and one PreKindergarten(4/5's).  Each room is licensed for 20 children with two teachers per class. We offer two attendance options in the Preschool Unit. Part-Day  9am-1:30pm or Full- day 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.  Please read program description below.

Our daily program provides age and stage appropriate education and social activities which prepares children for later success in kindergarten.  Our Nursery/Preschool program (9am – 1:30pm) incorporates use of  the Investigator's Club - Just for Three's and Prekindergarten curriculum, which is one of the state-recommended early childhood curricula for child care centers, Head Start programs, and nursery schools.  The curriculum focuses on age and stage appropriate activities in literacy, math, science, social studies, art, music, technology, physical education, health/safety and a variety of play experiences,

Attention to the whole child, including his/her social, emotional, and physical/motor development are of equal importance.  All areas of development are monitored through use of curriculum associated screenings, assessments and observation tools. These tools assist teachers will individual, small group, and whole group planning.

A typical schedule during the instructional portion of the day includes; opening or circle time, whole group literacy block, small group literacy block, learning centers time, math block, and outdoor play and meals.

The wrap around portion of the day provides activities, which supplement the instructional portion of the day. Children have additional opportunities to use centers,  participate in active physical play, and other self-selected activities.

The indoor environment includes writing and listening centers, library area (including a take home library for students and parents), computer area, science and math areas, art and manipulative areas, dramatic play and block areas.

It is our overall goal that the learning experiences in our Preschool Unit will prepare your child to be fully learning ready to enter the formal school setting.

After completing the continuum of early care and education at SSPC CC, we will sadly say goodbye. It will be time for your child to move on to the next phase of growth, development and learning, that is ……..