Infant I & II Classes

The young infant rooms have a maximum enrollment of six children per classroom with two teachers in each room. These classrooms typically range in age 3-9 months.  Our primary focus with this age group is to ensure that we are responsive to each infant's individual needs.  It is our goal that the infants (and the parents) are comfortable with their new environment and primary teachers/caregivers.

We accomplish this through ongoing observations and interactions with the infants, as well as planning activities, establishing routines, and using materials which are age and stage appropriate.  We also maintain daily written and verbal communication with the parents, which identify the infants’, sleeping, wake time, feeding, and toileting patterns.
As the weeks and months progress, the infant's feeding needs begin to change.  In partnership with the families, infants are gradually introduced to baby food and some if ready, are later introduced to finger foods.

Daily activities include greetings and good-byes, meals, routine care, restime, indoor play experiences (including one on one time and small group), and outdoor play experiences  (including neighborhood stroller rides).

Infants in this age group mature quickly, so does their need for a change of routine, activities and environment. It’s time to move on to the...
Mobile Infants Classes