We look forward to your family joining ours.  Please review the steps below your as you prepare your family for your first day at SSPC CC.

Each new family attends an orientation session prior to the first day of attendance. This in an opportunity for an exchange of information between you and the SSPC CC management and staff.  It is our goal to establish, build, and maintain a positive and productive home/school partnership with your family. During this appointment, we will:

  • review the contents of the enrollment package for completeness.
  • provide an overview of our Health, Food and Nutrition policies.
  • provide an overview of additional program policies, practices and procedures.
    Please read through all information and complete all forms included in the enrollment package prior to attending to your appointment.

Your appointment will be scheduled with our Assistant Director Griselda Griner. Families will also meet the classroom lead teacher and schedule a time(s) for your child to visit before their start date.

Families will also receive information on the Maryland State Department of Education-Division of Early Childhood Development's recommended curricula implemented by our school.  The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Two's (used with our ITT Unit) and the Investigator Club (used with our Preschool Unit).  

Thank you again for choosing SSPC Children's Center as your early care and education provider.

For inquiries regarding overall program operation please contact our management team:

Lynda Pollard – Director

Griselda Griner – Asst. Director  (Enrollment Contact person)

Lilian Corvera deleon – Food and Nutrition Program Manager

Sindi Romero – Office Manager

For inquiries regarding classroom operation please contact our lead teachers:

currently closed – Infants I class

Mita Abedin - Infants II class

Luz Maria Flores –  Mobile Infant I class

currently closed – Mobile Infants II class

Ayesha Abedin – Toddlers/2's class

Kimberly Mahecha–  2/3's Transition class

Anthony Michael – 3/4's preschool class

Lilian Corvera deleon –4/5's PreK class